A Cute Way to Display Cards & Photos

September 14, 2015 // 0 Comments

As we were packing up from our yard sale recently, I found this photo frame I had forgotten about. The nice thing about it was that it was large (12 x 15) – the reason I hadn’t used it was because it was large! It didn’t take long for me to get a little inspiration. We took off the backing and the glass and painted the frame white. We then grabbed some chicken wire we had used to help some grass grow in the backyard. We snipped the chicken wire to fit. I had previously purchased the wooden “family” to use on a wall project and this one was leftover (purchased at Michael’s for about $2). We painted that with the paint we had used on our walls and glued it to the frame. We used twine we had leftover from another project – we wrapped it around the frame and left a little in the middle for hanging. We found the burlap clothes pins at Walmart for about $1.50. (Pictured here with 2 packets.) Quick, easy, cute! And due to the fact I had some supplies already, cost less than $5.

Some Fall Flair for the Front Door

September 10, 2015 // 0 Comments

Now that it’s September, our Flip Flop wreath was starting to get out of season – so we headed out to get some inspiration! We found the plain, grape-vine wreath and fall flower spray at Walmart. Wreath was about $5 and the flowers were $3. The twine we had from our cute Baskets on the Stairs project. The burlap banners I found pre-cut with finished edges at Micheal’s – they had so many cute designs to choose from. A set of 12 was $5. I also picked up the small wooden letters at Michael’s for $4 (but I think I saw these same ones at Walmart for a little less…after the fact, of course!) We painted the letters with leftovers from the newly painted living room walls. We got out the handy glue gun to secure the letters to the banners and make sure the flower spray doesn’t come out, tied the twine to the burlap banners and that was it. Easy and customized! And all for about $20.

Coffee Table – In Love with Burlap

September 8, 2015 // 0 Comments

Re-finishing & painting our old furniture – it’s definitely my new thing! I have previously highlighted how we took our sofa table from “drab” to fab! So as I was staring at the coffee table which was purchased as part of the set and I thought, “This needs some love and attention as well.” I just really wanted to make sure the coffee table matched…so, we took the same Mission-style table in what had eventually aged into an orangey-butterscotch color and gave it a coat of paint and some burlap on top. I staple-gunned the burlap under the lip of the table to keep it secure. (This is the same roll of burlap we purchased originally from Walmart for $6 and the same paint for the china cabinet and sofa table!) So pretty much the only cost of this project was time! Now, the burlap acts as a coaster and the entire look fits the theme of the room!

A Place for Everything – Even on the Stairs

September 3, 2015 // 0 Comments

I am not sure what your house is like – but in our house – things seem to be dropped everywhere. I constantly walk through the main level (of our 3 level town home) collecting things (shoes, hair bands, toys, books, etc.) and placing them on the stairs leading to the bedrooms. It definitely wasn’t a terrible idea – though these little beauties are a cuter way to store the items. My sister picked up the baskets at the Dollar Store. I picked up the letters and twine at Michael’s. We wrapped the twine around the letters and secured them to the basket. All up we spent about $12. And, yes, it just so happens the 4 of us are “A, B, C and D” –

Sofa Table – from Drab to Fab!

September 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

Actually the sofa table wasn’t really drab – I loved it when I bought it 7 years ago or so. But similar to my previous post, I am really trying to move from the “yes, my house is full of hand me downs” to “yes, my house is actually decorated with a consistent theme”! This summer, it was time to tackle the sofa table (there is a matching coffee table that we also worked on, that one is coming soon!) Similar to my old wood floors which just got refinished, the color on this table was totally leaning orange (not a huge fan on my floors or my furniture, though I do like the orange in my logo!) Also, the glued laminate strip around the edges was peeling off – yes, this piece of furniture was a laminate/pressed wood, cheap affordable piece (actually ordered from Target years ago).  It definitely served its purpose, but now I needed it to fit! Since this was the first piece we tackled, we actually sanded the whole thing back to its natural state. That wasn’t easy, mind you. Mid-way through, I purchased a Dremmel! That made our lives a little easier. Sanding took a couple of days. Then the painting began. We decided to use the same high gloss paint we used on the trim in our kitchen and living room. It took about 2-3 coats. Especially in some spots where we kept seeing some staining coming through. Yes, I am sure the high [click to read more]

China Cabinet Re-Do

August 30, 2015 // 0 Comments

I love free furniture! Especially when it’s in decent shape. Before my “uncreative mom” inspiration, I would have taken the furniture and used it “as is”. However, I am not trying to create (and stick with) a common theme in my house with consistent colors and styles all throughout. So a few weeks ago, my sister calls me and says there is a free china cabinet available at her work. It was in great shape, but just wasn’t being used anymore…of course, I jumped on it. It’s a nice corner piece which fit perfectly in my kitchen/dining area. However, the light wood and gold accents just didn’t fit our updated look and definitely wasn’t consistent with my new “theme”. So, we painted the cabinet (inside and out) and spray painted the accents silver. Now, I have a great piece of furniture that holds all my crystal pieces and serving ware!

Sink Organization

August 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

Here’s a quick and simple project I did this summer. I found that I had tons of bottles all over the place which was unattractive and annoying to my OCD brain! (LOL) So, I headed to Ikea and picked up this awesome glass pump bottles. (They had smaller clear ones as well which would have been cute.) But I liked the white glass. They were about $7.50 each. Then I went to Michael’s craft store and picked up the black “tags” – they are painted with chalkboard paint and had cute twine on them. They were about 90 cents each. Then I simply wrote with chalk what each one had in them! Easy peasy – even for me!! Side note: I have had to re-write the names for the “Dish” and “Hand” a couple of times. Simply because water from hands or sponges drips onto the tags. But I am not keen enough yet to paint on them…maybe after I get sick of re-writing – or get someone with awesome handwriting to embellish!

Patriotic Flip Flop Wreath

May 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

I was so excited to do this one as I really needed something cute for my door this summer. I have seen lots of different versions of these – some with various color flip flops, etc. My sister also helped me out on this one (she’s definitely way more creative than me – so I always appreciate her input!) For this project, I got 6 pairs of flip flops at Walmart – 3 blue and 3 white (less than $1 each). I tried to get all the same size that was more difficult than I had thought it would be – especially since I wanted specific colors. The two blues (at 6 and 12 o’clock on the wreath) are size 9-10…I had to get some glue for my daughter’s glue gun ($5). I grabbed two bunches of flowers (.97 each). Also, picked up some wire edged red ribbon ($5). I had the foam board backing. All in all, the total expenses were about $20 with tax (though I will be able to use the glue on other projects). And it took about 2 hours or so to complete (this included some time for the glue to dry). We first ran the ribbon through a hole we punched into the foam board. Then we laid out all the blue (base color) flip flops. Then we glued the white ones in between to fill in the space. We also used a little bit of clear Gorilla Glue to be sure everything would [click to read more]

Pallet Creation

May 15, 2015 // 1 Comment

So what do you do when you have a pallet lying around? Well, if you’re Uncreative like me, then you search out Pinterest for some ideas! I found this idea on Dump A Day (Amazing Uses for Old Pallets) and thought it would be great for my small backyard. Now, the purpose of this website is to be clear about how much it actually costs for someone uncreative to recreate an amazing idea…so here goes. First, I went to HangAPot.com to order the little gadgets that make the pots look suspended on the pallet. I paid $19.95 for 5. Then I went to Walmart to get the spray paint. I got two cans of the Rust-oleum Hunter Green (though it came out more like John Deere green to me). Those were $3.86 each. I had a bunch of pots in my shed…originally, I read on the HangAPot website that these gadgets would work with any pot with a “lip”…and when I tried the empty plastic pots on them – worked just fine…(LOL – just wait!). I got a bag of potting soil  and picked up some strawberries and gerberas from Lowe’s (thank goodness for gift cards and gas points)…$42.00.  I got busy and couldn’t plant everything right away – lost one of the 6 little strawberry plants (and almost the whole lot). Went to HomeDepot – got cable ties because I didn’t want to nail the garden to our fence – figured we could secure it with them easier. I [click to read more]

It’s so tough being “uncreative”

April 20, 2015 // 1 Comment

I am totally uncreative. I mean, seriously, fully, can’t make anything. It never used to really bother me. “Back in the day” there was no Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube, etc. The fact I was completely “un-crafty” wasn’t constantly thrown in my face EVERY minute. But, now it is. Every day. I am online for a ginormous amount of hours each day. And for work, I am on all those wonderful social media sites. And every single day I see an image of something and think to myself, “I should bookmark that and make it.” Then I laugh hysterically at myself for the mere thought. However, something happened. I gave birth to a girlie-girl who absolutely LOVES being creative. She watches videos endlessly of awesomely decorated cakes and cupcakes. Of people who have literally turned trash into treasure. And, if I am being honest…I WANT to be crafty. But, I want to be good at it, too. Since I am “uncreative” I am going to start out finding things online I want to create. I am going to duplicate them and outline how easy or hard they were and it truly cost to complete. There will be videos and photos detailing each project. And my wonderful daughter will be there each step of the way – helping me to find my “creative mojo.” So, here goes nothing. I hope you enjoy the journey…