August 2015

China Cabinet Re-Do

August 30, 2015 // 0 Comments

I love free furniture! Especially when it’s in decent shape. Before my “uncreative mom” inspiration, I would have taken the furniture and used it “as is”. However, I am not trying to create (and stick with) a common theme in my house with consistent colors and styles all throughout. So a few weeks ago, my sister calls me and says there is a free china cabinet available at her work. It was in great shape, but just wasn’t being used anymore…of course, I jumped on it. It’s a nice corner piece which fit perfectly in my kitchen/dining area. However, the light wood and gold accents just didn’t fit our updated look and definitely wasn’t consistent with my new “theme”. So, we painted the cabinet (inside and out) and spray painted the accents silver. Now, I have a great piece of furniture that holds all my crystal pieces and serving ware!

Sink Organization

August 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

Here’s a quick and simple project I did this summer. I found that I had tons of bottles all over the place which was unattractive and annoying to my OCD brain! (LOL) So, I headed to Ikea and picked up this awesome glass pump bottles. (They had smaller clear ones as well which would have been cute.) But I liked the white glass. They were about $7.50 each. Then I went to Michael’s craft store and picked up the black “tags” – they are painted with chalkboard paint and had cute twine on them. They were about 90 cents each. Then I simply wrote with chalk what each one had in them! Easy peasy – even for me!! Side note: I have had to re-write the names for the “Dish” and “Hand” a couple of times. Simply because water from hands or sponges drips onto the tags. But I am not keen enough yet to paint on them…maybe after I get sick of re-writing – or get someone with awesome handwriting to embellish!