Sink Organization

UM_soap organizersHere’s a quick and simple project I did this summer. I found that I had tons of bottles all over the place which was unattractive and annoying to my OCD brain! (LOL) So, I headed to Ikea and picked up this awesome glass pump bottles. (They had smaller clear ones as well which would have been cute.) But I liked the white glass. They were about $7.50 each. Then I went to Michael’s craft store and picked up the black “tags” – they are painted with chalkboard paint and had cute twine on them. They were about 90 cents each.

Then I simply wrote with chalk what each one had in them! Easy peasy – even for me!!

Side note: I have had to re-write the names for the “Dish” and “Hand” a couple of times. Simply because water from hands or sponges drips onto the tags. But I am not keen enough yet to paint on them…maybe after I get sick of re-writing – or get someone with awesome handwriting to embellish!

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