Pallet Creation

So what do you do when you have a pallet lying around? Well, if you’re Uncreative like me, then you search out Pinterest for some ideas! I found this idea on Dump A Day (Amazing Uses for Old Pallets) and thought it would be great for my small backyard. Now, the purpose of this website is to be clear about how much it actually costs for someone uncreative to recreate an amazing idea…so here goes.

First, I went to to order the little gadgets that make the pots look suspended on the pallet. I paid $19.95 for 5. Then I went to Walmart to get the spray paint. I got two cans of the Rust-oleum Hunter Green (though it came out more like John Deere green to me). Those were $3.86 each. I had a bunch of pots in my shed…originally, I read on the HangAPot website that these gadgets would work with any pot with a “lip”…and when I tried the empty plastic pots on them – worked just fine…(LOL – just wait!). I got a bag of potting soil¬† and picked up some strawberries and gerberas from Lowe’s (thank goodness for gift cards and gas points)…$42.00.¬† I got busy and couldn’t plant everything right away – lost one of the 6 little strawberry plants (and almost the whole lot).

Went to HomeDepot – got cable ties because I didn’t want to nail the garden to our fence – figured we could secure it with them easier. I also picked up some cilantro fo181r the bottom section with the strawberries & some nails (we uncreative types don’t have this stuff just around the house!). Another $17.

Day of production (my sister came over and helped me out): We painted the pallet. Then realized we should have removed the one board from the bottom section to allow more light into where the strawberries would be…so we removed that board and nailed it to the bottom to keep the soil in. Another coating of paint. We let that sit in the sun and dry for a couple of hours.

While the pallet was drying we glued the bottoms of the pots on with Gorilla Glue. (Note: This would have worked had we not been so impatient (and in the heat)…if they had been given time to dry…but no!)185

We stood the dried pallet up against the fence and cable-tied it in 3 places to make sure it was secure and had very little movement. Since our yard isn’t level (to allow for drainage), we propped up one side with a small brick to even it out. I was going to cut some wood pieces to “shim” it into place, but that seemed like lots more work (and I would have needed some wood and a saw!) Once we were happy with the placement, we added soil to the bottom and planted what was left of the strawberries and the new cilantro plants.

193We potted all the plants – got all excited and hung them. The bottoms immediately fell off (glue was definitely not dry). And within minutes two pots fell off! (The photo just left was taken just seconds before everything fell onto the ground!)

Back to Walmart I went to get terracotta pots (the kind the website originally intended). Of course, there were no plain terracotta pots and I was too short on time to trek around to find others – so I spent $43 on 4 perennials and 5 pots! The gerberas got planted in front of our house – so they didn’t go to waste! I actually do love the bright, shiny colors of the pots I chose. It really pops against the green of the pallet.

So, all in all – $129 and 24 hours later….this is what we have!196

I have to say that I LOVE looking at this feature in our backyard and once I average the cost over the course of time, it will definitely be worth it!!


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  1. Maria Cone // May 15, 2015 at 7:26 pm // Reply

    Love it! & yes, patience is a virtue 8-)

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