Coffee Table – In Love with Burlap

September 8, 2015 // 0 Comments

Re-finishing & painting our old furniture – it’s definitely my new thing! I have previously highlighted how we took our sofa table from “drab” to fab! So as I was staring at the coffee table which was purchased as part of the set and I thought, “This needs some love and attention as well.” I just really wanted to make sure the coffee table matched…so, we took the same Mission-style table in what had eventually aged into an orangey-butterscotch color and gave it a coat of paint and some burlap on top. I staple-gunned the burlap under the lip of the table to keep it secure. (This is the same roll of burlap we purchased originally from Walmart for $6 and the same paint for the china cabinet and sofa table!) So pretty much the only cost of this project was time! Now, the burlap acts as a coaster and the entire look fits the theme of the room!

Sofa Table – from Drab to Fab!

September 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

Actually the sofa table wasn’t really drab – I loved it when I bought it 7 years ago or so. But similar to my previous post, I am really trying to move from the “yes, my house is full of hand me downs” to “yes, my house is actually decorated with a consistent theme”! This summer, it was time to tackle the sofa table (there is a matching coffee table that we also worked on, that one is coming soon!) Similar to my old wood floors which just got refinished, the color on this table was totally leaning orange (not a huge fan on my floors or my furniture, though I do like the orange in my logo!) Also, the glued laminate strip around the edges was peeling off – yes, this piece of furniture was a laminate/pressed wood, cheap affordable piece (actually ordered from Target years ago).  It definitely served its purpose, but now I needed it to fit! Since this was the first piece we tackled, we actually sanded the whole thing back to its natural state. That wasn’t easy, mind you. Mid-way through, I purchased a Dremmel! That made our lives a little easier. Sanding took a couple of days. Then the painting began. We decided to use the same high gloss paint we used on the trim in our kitchen and living room. It took about 2-3 coats. Especially in some spots where we kept seeing some staining coming through. Yes, I am sure the high [click to read more]

China Cabinet Re-Do

August 30, 2015 // 0 Comments

I love free furniture! Especially when it’s in decent shape. Before my “uncreative mom” inspiration, I would have taken the furniture and used it “as is”. However, I am not trying to create (and stick with) a common theme in my house with consistent colors and styles all throughout. So a few weeks ago, my sister calls me and says there is a free china cabinet available at her work. It was in great shape, but just wasn’t being used anymore…of course, I jumped on it. It’s a nice corner piece which fit perfectly in my kitchen/dining area. However, the light wood and gold accents just didn’t fit our updated look and definitely wasn’t consistent with my new “theme”. So, we painted the cabinet (inside and out) and spray painted the accents silver. Now, I have a great piece of furniture that holds all my crystal pieces and serving ware!