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It’s so tough being “uncreative”

April 20, 2015 // 1 Comment

I am totally uncreative. I mean, seriously, fully, can’t make anything. It never used to really bother me. “Back in the day” there was no Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube, etc. The fact I was completely “un-crafty” wasn’t constantly thrown in my face EVERY minute. But, now it is. Every day. I am online for a ginormous amount of hours each day. And for work, I am on all those wonderful social media sites. And every single day I see an image of something and think to myself, “I should bookmark that and make it.” Then I laugh hysterically at myself for the mere thought. However, something happened. I gave birth to a girlie-girl who absolutely LOVES being creative. She watches videos endlessly of awesomely decorated cakes and cupcakes. Of people who have literally turned trash into treasure. And, if I am being honest…I WANT to be crafty. But, I want to be good at it, too. Since I am “uncreative” I am going to start out finding things online I want to create. I am going to duplicate them and outline how easy or hard they were and it truly cost to complete. There will be videos and photos detailing each project. And my wonderful daughter will be there each step of the way – helping me to find my “creative mojo.” So, here goes nothing. I hope you enjoy the journey…